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The Tulare County Deputy Sheriffs' Association (TCDSA) is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation consisting of employees of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department.

The Tulare County Deputy Sheriffs’ Association began in 1965. Members of the Association are members of the Sheriff’s Department. The goals were simple, to be a voice in the community that would work toward the common good of the members and the community.

Those same goals still hold true today. The Association is the bargaining voice for the Deputies and Sergeants and continues to provide many services and funding to non-profit youth organizations in our county

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Rankin Field Weapons Range

Rankin Field Weapons Range provides a training ground for:

  • law enforcement agencies
  • public target practice
  • gun safety classes
  • competitions

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20000 Rd. 140
Tulare, CA 93274